Borderless Creativity

We are a borderless network of CoCreators collaborating to promote positive social change by remixing the world.



  • Remixing the unique things that make us different is the way we create new ways of thinking.

  • Developing borderless creative partnerships enables cultures to evolve.

  • Adding the world to a creative process expands cultural empathy and builds cultural IQ.

  • Cultural diversity makes creative collaboration richer and more rewarding.



Creative Labs bring together teams of CoCreators to develop innovative learning experiences for people who create.

1 + 1 = 3 = 1 is a collection of projects and 'post it' notes that explore the concept of remixing the world.

The CRECUCO Awards recognize the most innovative projects that honor the value of creativity, diversity, and playful collaboration.

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Founded as a collaboration between two unlikely creators based in the Caribbean and Germany, Norman Mayers and Susanne Heitz draw from their own personal experiences of connecting creativity, diversity and activism.