Our CREATIVE LAB project aims to assist young people from diverse backgrounds to reach their full individual creative potential by connecting them to a borderless family of creative thinkers.


CREATIVE LABS explore how remixing the world can reshape the way we bring about positive social change.


Our CREATIVE LABS are uniquely designed to offer new school and old school creators the possibility to collaborate while becoming active participants in transforming society in positive ways.

Creators and partners are given the opportunity to:

  • Innovate by remixing the unique things that make us different

  • Mobilize borderless creative partnerships around a shared purpose

  • Foster the relationship between creativity and cultural diversity

  • Nurture cultural empathy and build cultural IQ

  • Produce positive social change through collaboration


The CREATIVE LABS superpower materializes from remixing the unique things that make us different to reach objectives in ways we can only reach together.

On-going Labs:
April 2018
Barbados, West Indies - List of Co-Creators

Cultural DJ Radio: a creative hub for genre-exploring DJs who make music by mixing, combining and fusing elements from different cultures in ways that remix the world.

Borderless Creativity Films: is the first library of unique and rare gems of films that combine creativity and diversity while engaging the audience in the process of curating.

January 2019
Barbados, West Indies - (in partnership with the Caribbean Dyslexia Centre)

Project: the Creative Thinking Lab: is an after-school program where kids who learn differently become kids who think creatively.

The WCIW Project/United Nations
The Caribbean Dyslexia Centre
Dr. Monk                                                                                                                              the Cameo Kollektiv
Creative Vision
The Silkroad Project
The Playing for Change Foundation
Prism Communications
Cultural DJ Radio
Bodega Design Lab
Lethal Studios
IDS Creative Inc
TEN Habitat Inc
Light Space and Time Studios
Design Academy Eindhoven
Barbados Community College
The Caribbean Advertising Federation
Manchester School of Art
University Of West Indies
Red Mango Studios
Solo + Studio
The Global Brainstorm
NuSoul Magazine
Dub Labs

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